23 March 2011

Updates, Reminders, and Events--4th Grade

  • No school tomorrow-March 24, 2011--Professional Development for teachers.
  • Howell Spirit Day this Friday, March 25, 2011 for March is Reading Month!
  • African Cats Permission slips due as soon as possible. We can only take two parents per classroom, so we will hold a lottery. We will take parents who have NOT yet attended a field trip first. Therefore, we may need to refund your money you sent in for yourself. Sorry! We'd really like to take everyone!
  • Highum/Burch(Flotkoetter) has a West Map quiz on Tuesday, March 29th.
  • Bradner/Palo have a Science test on Tuesday, March, 29th. Study guide will be handed out this Friday, March 25th.
  • Unit 9 Math test is Wednesday, March 30th for ALL four classes. Study guides will be handed out on Monday, March 28th.
  • Palo's class will receive box tops on Wednesday, March 30th for winning box tops and campbell's labels!
  • Bradner's Hundred point party is Wednesday, March 30th--more info to come!
  • Cranbrook Field trip is Thursday, March 31st! Students may bring cameras, but they will need to be responsible for them. Also, students may bring money, though we cannot guarantee we will have time to visit the gift shop. We will do our best:) Chaperones are driving themselves, please. You may meet us at school that morning at 9:00. We will supply you with a map and other details. Please remember to pack a lunch for yourself and make sure your child has a SACK lunch, please (disposable bags and items).
  • 3rd Quarter ends April 1st!
  • Spring Break is April 4th-April 8th.
  • Highum/Burch(Flotkoetter) Science test will be after spring break.

11 March 2011

4th grade updates (3/11)

  • Spring Forward this Sunday morning at 2am! Don't forget to move your clocks ahead an hour! :)
  • Spring Pictures are Monday, March 14th. Wear your smile! :)
  • READ! READ! READ! Every student is expected to turn in at least one slip by the end of the month!
  • Spelling Test 20 is Monday.
  • Math Test Unit 8 is Tuesday.
  • Burch/Highum Social Studies test Thursday.
  • Wear green on Thursday, March 17th! Bring any coins you can donate to the Michigan Arbor Day alliance. Coins will only be collected on the 17th.
  • Friday, March 18th is our Camping Spirit Day and the 4th Grade Read-In. Students may bring a sleeping bag, plenty of reading material, and a snack for a fun afternoon of reading! Students will be able to count two hours towards their Reading Month slip after the Read-In.
  • No School Thursday, March 24, for professional development.
  • Cranbrook Field Trip is Thursday, March 31.
  • End of third quarter is April 1.
  • Spring Break - NO SCHOOL - April 4-8. :)