28 May 2010

Parent Volunteers for Last Day Celebration

Thank you for volunteering to help with our End of the Year Celebration! From those of you that indicated you were able to help, we assigned you to a group. Please see below:

Pick up Sub sandwiches from Walmart: Jennifer McCloskey (Bradner)

Karate Station 1:30-2:30: Toni Reder (Bradner)

Kickball Station 1:30-2:30: Cathy Shields (Palo), Tina Bruce (Burch)

Setting up for lunch, serving, and clean up 12:30-2:00: Amy Sheehy (Palo), Melissa Spencer (Bradner), Kathy McKay (Bradner), Sandy McMillen (Bradner), Julie Laupp (Bradner)

Popsicle Station 2:20-2:50: Stephanie Curd (Bradner), Nancy Hart (Bradner), Cynthia Crowley (Bradner), Tracy Beno (Palo)

There were three other parents who volunteered to pick up subs, Tammy Hund, Stacy Leventis, and Andrea Champagne. We probably only need one parent to do that. If you are interested in helping with the kickball or karate station, please feel free to do so....or if you would like to help Mrs. McCloskey pick up subs, please contact her.


Dear Parent Volunteers for Palo, Bradner, Burch,

We would like to honor you for all of you hard work with cake and coffee on Thursday, June 10, from 10:15-10:45, in Bradner/Palo’s classroom. If you have helped regularly in the classroom this year, and plan on coming, please RSVP by Friday, June 4th. We have heard back from a few of you. If you could respond either way, yes/no, that would be great. We want to make sure we are prepared for the correct number of people.

Mrs. Palo, Mrs. Burch, Ms. Bradner

Field Day Information from Mr. Adam

Field Day will be Tuesday 6-1-10. Grades 3-5 will begin at 9 am. If you have parents who volunteered please tell them to arrive 15 minutes early for set up and instructions. Please wait until you are called before you head outside to your first station. Grades 1 and 2 will begin at 1 pm. I will have a map and matrix for everyone by the end of the day today. PTO has bought all classes bottled water for this event. On your map there will be a rest and water station. When you get there, there will be class labels so the students can identify their own bottles. Please label the next classes bottles when you are at this station so when they arrive they are ready to be handed out.

Please remind your students that they may want to bring a change of clothes. They may get wet and sweaty, so this would be a good idea. Also please remind the students to bring sun screen. I have told them all this week in PE class, but a friendly reminder today would be greatly appreciated. After Field Day is complete, pop cycles will be upstairs in the lounge freezer. Please take a head count and take as many as needed. If you have any questions please let me know and everyone have a great weekend!

Joe Adam