28 October 2011

News and Notes 10/28

  • Gourfest is Monday.  We're still in need of gourds, crafty supplies, and tacky glue.  Thanks!
  • Halloween Parade is at 2pm.  We are going to be parading through the gym and out by the busses.  Parties are following in each classroom.
  • Book Fair is next week.  We will all be browsing on Tuesday.  Burch/Highum will shop Wednesday.  Bradner/Palo will shop Thursday.
  • Spelling Test 7 is Tuesday.  Make sure to study Words to Learn and Spelling Notes.
  • October Reading Logs are due Tuesday. 
  • Picture Retakes are Thursday, November 3. 
  • Math Unit 3 test is Friday, November 4.  Review Sheets will come home Wednesday and will be corrected in class Thursday.
  • The end of the quarter is Friday.  Report Cards will come home the following week.
  • Conferences are November 10th and 16th.  Reminders will be coming home next week.
  • Diversity Projects are coming home today.  This is an at-home project and is due on Friday, November 18th.

20 October 2011

Updates for Fourth Grade 10/20

  • Monday is Spelling Test 6.  Make sure to review Word Preview and Words to Learn!
  • MEAP make-ups will continue through next week.  Thank you PTO for the wonderful snacks!
  • The Hurricane Hustle is on the 26th at 2:00pm.  Continue to send in donations until the event!
  • Fire Safety Assembly is on Friday the 28th.
  • Gourdfest is the morning of October 31.  Students will be participating in a math & science activity with gourds.  We are in need of gourd donations, cafty supplies to decorate gourds, and tacky glue. 
  • The school-wide Halloween parade will be at 2pm, with classroom parties following the parade. 
  • The end of the quarter is November 4th. 

14 October 2011

4th grade updates (10/14)

Happy Friday!! :) 
  • MEAP testing continues Tuesday (Math) and Wednesday (Writing Part 2).
  • Spelling Test 5 is Monday, October 17th.  Make sure your students study their Spelling Notes and Words to Learn!
  • Keep sending Hurricane Hustle envelopes every Friday.  The Hurricane Hustle is Wednesday, October 26. 
  • There is a Cyber Safety Assembly on Wednesday, October 26, from 2:30-3:15pm. 
  • On Friday, October 28, there will be a Fire Assembly at 1:30pm.
  • On Thursday, December 8, the fourth grade classes are going to see the play Willy Wonka Jr. and the Community Theater.  We will be paying for this trip from the PTO donation to our grade level.  (Thank you, PTO!)  Permission slips will come home soon.  We will be eating lunch at school as usual.
Enjoy your weekend! 

07 October 2011

Fourth Grade News & Notes 10/7

  • PowerSchool labels have been placed in your child's planner. There is also a note coming home regarding PowerSchool.
  • You may turn in your Hurricane Hustle money every Friday. The Hurricane Hustle is Wednesday, October 26. (corrected date!)
  • Spelling Test 4 is Monday. Please remind your student to review their spelling notes, Words to Learn, and Word Preview words. Be sure to use the new spelling website for practice! See Important Links on the 4th grade blog for the link! (http://hutchings4th.blogspot.com)
  • The MEAP begins Tuesday. We will be MEAPing October 11, 12, 13, 18, and 19. Please make sure your children have a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast! We are MEAPing in both the morning and afternoon, so please refrain from scheduling appointments during the dates listed. Thank you!
  • Math Unit 2 Test is Friday, October 14. Review sheets will come home Wednesday.